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Diabetes Recipes Diabetes Menus diabetes diet diabetic recipes diabetic diet diabetic menus Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 diabetesplanner.com
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
How do I get started with the menu program for diabetes?
Follow the Sign-Up link.  After processing payment we will send a welcome e-mail with instructions for getting started. 
Do you consider sodium when writing your menus?
Our menus average 2400 mg. of sodium based on the American Diabetes Association recommendation. 
What about cholesterol?
Our menus average 30% or less total fat, 10% or less saturated fat & 300 mg. or less cholesterol based on the American Diabetes Association recommendation. 
Who is in charge of the program?
Our Chief Editor is a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator.
Does your menu program support weight loss?
Yes.  GlucoMenu has multipe calorie levels and therefore can support weight loss, maintenance, and gain if desired.
Can I have Monday's breakfast again on Thursday?
We suggest sticking with switching entire days instead of specific meals.  Some meals may be higher in fiber, calories, fat, or sodium and so we balance these throughout the day with other meals to make a complete day's GlucoMenu.
Can I pay for the program with a check?
Yes.  Click the Sign-Up link.  Select the option to pay with Check/Money Order.  If you would prefer to start the program immediately provide online payment (credit card) information instead.  Once payment is process/received we will provide instructions for using the program.
I have no idea what kind of food to purchase?
Weekly shopping lists accompany our menu service.  All of the items on the shopping lists can be purchased at any grocery store.
What have you heard from people participating in the GlucoMenu program?
Please visit Your Stories to read about experiences our members have shared with us.
Why should I visit a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?
A Certified Diabetes Educator is a specialist in diabetes.  A Certified Diabetes Educator can help you better control diabetes through education.  They can assist you with using a glucometer to test blood sugar, help you to understand complications, and aid with developing a plan for you to better control diabetes with nutrition, exercise, and medication.  To find a diabetes educator check with your doctor or visit the American Association of Diabetes Educators.
I am a professional Diabetes Educator (eg CDE) and want to add my classes to your website:
Select the link, Diabetes Education and follow the instructions for professional Diabetes Educators.  You are welcome to add your practice and any diabetes classes offered.  If individual diabetes education is offered you can provide this information as well.
I am a Diabetes Educator & would like to receive brochures.
Use the Contact Us link to make a request. If you are a Diabetes Educator please specify how many brochures you would like to receive.  Be sure to provide a complete mailing address.
What are the requirements for becoming a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator)?
Nurses, pharmacists, RDs and some other healthcare professionals may be eligible for the CDE credential.  The aforementioned professonals must complete a minimum amount of hours practicing in the field and pass a standardized test administered by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators.
I am looking for diabetes resources and diabetes information. Where can I find more?
Visit the website DiabetesLinks.com. DiabetesLinks.com There are credible resources available on the Diabetes Links website.
Is it alright if I link my website to DiabetesPlanner.com?
Absolutely, you are welcome to link your site to ours.  You can copy and paste the following:

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